Since 1977, thousands have learned from us the easy way!

Success favors the prepared. We will prepare you for this winter's fun with our proven approach to learning. Perfect For All Ability Levels!

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Learn to use your equipment in a warm, comfortable setting. Discover the basics of stopping, turning, and more in preparation for a fun day in the snow.

In the first lesson, beginners will become familiar with equipment, learn to stop, control speed, balance, edge control, and more by skiing or snowboarding, usually about 5-10 times, from the top to the bottom of our stationary carpeted slope.

In the second lesson, most beginners are ready to go onto the revolving carpet and further the skills they started to develop in the first lesson, AND learn to turn left and right.

Most people take the first two lessons together, as in the same hour, continuing on with the second lesson right after the first one. Each 25 minute lesson thereafter on our revolving carpet simulates a full day of exercise on the slope.


If you understand the basics of skiing or snowboarding, our lessons will help you develop the skills necessary to become more advanced. Learn to carve turns with a quiet upper body, which will help you to be more efficient, use less energy and have better control.

Skiers - try our Shaped Skis: Learn the subtle differences in technique using shaped skis requires and learn why most skiers love the feeling of carving turns with less effort on shaped skis.


Experienced skiers will improve and fine-tune existing skills. Get a great work-out with exercises for bumps, steeps, powder and racing. Top racers use the revolving carpet to hone their edge sensitivity, improve muscle memory, and to develop "quick feet" for racing. Use the same specific muscles and motions as skiing and snowboarding.

We recommend that our students arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment. We can not make up time for late arrivals. 48 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment to give us time to fill your reserved time with another person.

You should wear long pants that you can bend your knees and be flexible in, such as sweatpants or warm-ups, or some loose, baggy pants that cover the knees and allow for movement and exercise that snow sports require; a long sleeve T shirt, and of course a pair of full length socks (NOT ankle socks!), such as white, cotton athletic socks to absorb sweat and cover your lower shins). AND bring a bottle of drinking water.

PROGRAMS & PRICES for our Lessons
Adults & Children-- All Ages & Abilities
By Appointment Only
All Equipment is Provided

We accept payment in cash or check.
We do not accept credit or debit cards.
Instructor gratuity not included.


  • All prices listed are per person and per sport.
  • Payment guarantee is required when making reservations. No refunds.
  • 48 hour cancellation notice required to reschedule any appointment.
  • All sessions must be taken by March 15 of same season.
  • All equipment is provided (if you own boots, bring them.)
  •   Single Lessons $110
      3 Lesson Program $300
      5 Lesson Program $450
  • We recommend a 5-lesson program of customized learning sessions as a refresher and great way to prepare for a fun vacation!
  • We teach everyone, adults and children, with one-to-one instruction.
  • Our lesson programs have helped many people to get on and off the beginner's hill quickly, and to enjoy more of the mountain in their first day on snow.
  • We work on your total technique to help you master a higher skill level.

      Single Sessions $ 40
      10 Sessions $300

    Practice sessions are available to our students who have accomplished independence in one or more of our lessons. These 25 minute sessions allow you to practice what you have learned and get a great workout.
    Sports specific conditioning helps to prevent sore muscles and reduces the risk of injury by strengthening the legs while improving your technique.


  • Dress casually (long sweatpants, long sleeve t-shirt and athletic socks are best).
  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment.
  • Ski School director available by request at additional charge.
  • Hours of operation FRI/SAT/SUN/ OCT-MARCH vary by time of year & snow conditions.
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    1105 S. COAST HWY 101 (AT HANSEN'S)

    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 230951 , Encinitas, CA 92023 - 0951


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    A 5 Lesson program of customized learning sessions is a great way to prepare for a fun vacation! We teach everyone with Private Instruction. Our lesson programs have helped many people to get on and off the beginner's hill quickly, and to enjoy the top of the mountain in their first days on the snow. We work with you on your total technique to help you master a higher skill level.

    We recommend a 5 lesson program for most people if you really want to learn to ski or snowboard and create some good habits that will be more likely to transfer to the snow when you get there. If you don't have the time or budget for 5 lessons, 3 is the next best way to go. Even 1 or 2 lessons is better than none and will help you to enjoy your first day on the snow each year.

    Skiers and Snowboarders of all abilities will see their skills advance quickly through these goal-orientated programs based on progressive instruction techniques. Each lesson will build upon skills previously learned. We recommend a private lesson program as a great start to have a FUN vacation!

    **Group rates available for groups of 8 or more by request. (ie parties, Girl and Boy Scouts, ski clubs and race teams, ...)

    Here's a chance to practice what you've learned and get a great workout. These 25-minute sessions are designed to add "quality mileage" time to improve your existing skills and provide a great workout. Get in shape for the slopes. No more sore muscles on your next ski vacation! These sessions are available to students who have completed one or more of our lessons on the revolving carpet.

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    Mountain High Resort is pleased to be working with Adventure Ski and Snowboard School. If this is one of your first experiences on snow, one of our specially discount programs will work for you during this 2018/19 season.

    THIS IS A VOIDED COPY OF THE VOUCHER YOU WILL RECEIVE FROM US TO Present at any Mountain High Resort ticket window to purchase:

    OFFER 1
    Midweek, non-holiday Half Day First Timers Package for $79 ($105 value). For ages 13 and up. 

    • All day lower mountain lift ticket (Chairs 1,2,3 & 10)
    • Ski or Snowboard Rental Package*
    • One hour & forty five minute group lesson, levels 1 - 3.
    • Learning has never been more easy or FUN!

    * A $400 deposit is required on all rentals.
    Offer valid midweek only excluding the following holiday dates: December 22-31, 2018. January 1-6, 19-21, February 16-18, 2019.


    OFFER 2
    Midweek, non-holiday, Full Day Children's Academy Lesson (10am to 3pm) for $119 ($141 value). For ages 4 to 12.

    • All day lift ticket
    • Ski or Snowboard Rental Package*
    • Two 2-Hour Lessons
    • Lunch
    • Snack
    • Progress Card

    * A $400 deposit is required on all rentals.
    Offer valid midweek only excluding the following holiday dates: December 22-31, 2018. January 1-6, 19-21, February 16-18, 2019.

    Mountain High Resort is your closest winter resort with 59 trails, 14 lifts (including two high speed quads), three great mountains, and night skiing 7 nights-a-week peak season. To reach the resort take I 15 North and exit on Hwy 138 going Left towards Palmdale. Make a left on Hwy 2 and continue 3 miles past the town of Wrightwood. Mountain High is just over 2 hours from San Diego.  Need more information? 
    Go to for snow reports, weather forecasts, road conditions and more.